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Our History

Historical Documents relating to the History of the German Seamen's Mission of New York, founded in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1907.

Today's German Seamen's Mission of New York represents a 1974 merger of three German organizations: the Lutheran Emigrants' Association (das Deutsche Emigrantenhaus), the Association for the Relief of Indigent Germans (also known as Freunde der Freundlosen), and the Society for the Care of German Seamen in the Port of New York. We are fortunate to have a number of historical studies and documents relating to the history of these three organizations. This section of our Web site contains a collection of studies and photos from the history of the Mission.

Pastors of the German Seamen's Mission of New York:

1907-1909 Willy Thun
1909-1954 Hermann Br├╝ckner
1954-1958 Herbert Patzelt
1959-1964 Hans-Otto Zbinden
1964-1977 Otto Winter
1978-1994 Clint Padgitt
1994-1996 Beate Storck & Arnd Braun-Storck
1996-2011 Clint Padgitt
2012-present Arnd Braun-Storck